Geoff Alday

Product Designer

I love helping people by designing software products that make an impact. The key areas I often find myself helping are product discovery, user experience design, user interface design, visual design, and user interface development. I'm currently working with the fine folks at Watershed on a learning analytics product.


As long as I can remember, I've been tearing things apart and putting them back together creatively. I'm a formally trained artist and seriously considered pursuing a career in animation after college. There have been more than a few moments in my career I've put my art, illustration, and animation skills to good use. I sometimes update my blog with my latest creative pursuits.

Other Stuff

When I'm not working or creating random things, I spend my time trying to be a good husband and father. We live in Franklin, TN (a suburb of Nashville).


If you want to get in touch, send an email to It's that easy!